Four RRRRR’s Pirate Adventure

Join Connie with Resource Depot as she reads “Michael Recycle & Bootleg Peg” then discuss overfishing, pirates, the four R’s, and how you can help save our natural resources. We will make a cork boat & a treasure map!
Four R’s = Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover.

Materials Needed: 

  • 3 corks (pool noodle or any Styrofoam) 
  • 2 rubber bands (tape or glue) 
  • 1 Popsicle stick or (skewer, pipe cleaner or thin twig) 
  • 1 piece of scrap paper 
  • 1 old brown paper grocery bag (or another piece of any paper will work for the map) 
  • Markers/crayons 
  • Scissors 

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