Caring for our Spirit through Storytime!

Follow along as we follow our dreams!  

Stories hold the power to inspire us beyond what we think is possible. This week we will have the author of The Secret of Our Stars, Carolina Perez, sharing the story she wrote about the importance of believing in our dreams! We will bring the story to life with a storytelling machine made by the super creative Helen Lehrer! After story time, we will make dream jars together! Gather the materials below if you would like to make a dream jar with us!  

Dreams come true in the Food Forest!  



  • mason jar or another clear small container 
  • glitter glue OR glitter and glue (amount varies based on the container size) 
  • paint brushes  
  • piece of paper – letter size cut in half 
  • writing/coloring utensils  
  • extra Glitter (optional, amount varies based on the container size) 
  • extra Regular Glue (optional) 


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