Building Blocks of Life – Body

Did you know your body is always connected to something? It’s true! Think about it. Right now, you are connected to an electronic device. Every day, most of the time, we are connected to the floor, the ground, or furniture. We also connect to water, sunlight, and air. 


How we connect to the world around us through our body is important for our health. If we connect to healthy materials and environments, our health is supported. If we connect to unhealthy or toxic materials and environments, our health is weakened. 


Join Tiger Territory Education Garden to explore the wonders of our bodies, and how to keep our bodies healthy and strong through connections to nature. For example: 

  1. Connecting to fertile earth
  2. Connecting to pure water
  3. Connecting to sunlight
  4. Connecting to fresh air


Since nature is vital to our health and to the health of other species, we will also look at ways to keep nature alive and healthy. 


Plus, fun science experiments with our bodies! 


Optional Materials:

  • pencil or masking tape
  • measuring tape  


Session facilitated by: