Building Blocks of Life – Air

Breathe in with awareness of breathing. Breathe out with awareness of breathing. What are we breathing? Air! 

Air is invisible but vital to life. We cannot live more than a few minutes without air. Yet air can be polluted, and it can also get very hot and very cold, affecting our health. So, we must take good care of our air so our air can take good care of us. 

Join Tiger Territory Education Garden to explore the wonders of air, and how clean air helps keep us healthy and thriving. For example, clean air helps humans in these four ways: 


  1. Cleaner lungs
  2. Decreased asthma and allergies symptoms
  3. Better mood and normalized sleep patterns
  4. Better health of cells


Since air is vital to our health and to the health of other species, we will also look at ways to keep the air clean and how we can create more fresh air. 


Plus, enjoy fun science experiments with air! 


Optional Materials:

  • paper straw


Session facilitated by: