A Window to Japanese Traditional Music

Join Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens for a virtual presentation to learn about the fascinating history and culture of Japanese traditional instruments. Be introduced to the captivating sounds of the 13-stringed zither called koto, demonstrated by a professional musician from Japan. A Q&A session will follow with speaker and musician Dr. Joseph Amato. 


Joseph Gashō Amato’s Bio

Joseph Gashō Amato received his Ph.D. in composition in 1998 from New York University with primary studies in Italian contemporary music. In 2000, he was awarded the prestigious Bunka-chō Japanese Government Artists Fellowship to pursue formal study of Japanese music history and Japanese traditional musical instruments at Seiha Hōgaku-kai. Since then, he continued his studies receiving his teaching license (junshihan) and his professional name Gashō in 2003. Currently, he is founder and director of the International Center for Japanese Culture since its inception in 2011. Before ICJC, Dr. Amato founded the Yokohama International School Japanese music program in 2003 and served as its director until 2011. Pursuing his work on sharing Japanese traditional music and culture on the international level, in 2017 Dr. Amato founded and serves as President of Japanese Culture Promotion and Management an NPO dedicated to supporting Japanese traditional arts and culture.  


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