SEL Instruction and Integration Toolkit

Use these tools and resources to support SEL explicit instruction and integration of SEL in OST activities. Please visit our calendar for additional support in using these tools at PSELI Calendar. If you have questions or need assistance please reach out to our SEL Specialist Knellee Bisram at

1. Second Step videos: Phase 1 sites can use these resources to support explicit instruction during COVID.

2. Sanford Harmony Connection Cards Deck: Use this as a tool for community building ideas, conversation and sharing prompts, and collaborative activities in both virtual and in person programming.

3. Mindfulness apps for daily practice and transition practices
Inner explorer. This is a CASEL approved K12 classroom app with over 90 sequenced daily mindfulness practice sessions in English and Spanish, as well as transition practices, for use within classroom or virtual lessons. This app includes an interface for parents to practice at home with their children.

Mind Yeti. Use this app to integrate mindful brain breaks and transitions and help youth self-regulate. Available in English and Spanish.

4. Engaging practices, brain breaks, and transition practices:
Go Noodle – Create a free account and go to “categories” for fun brain breaks and interactive engaging practices for virtual and in person activities

5. SDPBC SEL Signature Practices Playbook for Adults and Students: Use this as a guide for embedding welcoming rituals, engaging practices, transitions, and optimistic closures in your virtual and in person OST activities

6. Responsive Classroom videos: Use these videos in your staff meetings to or with your team for tips and strategies to support integration of SEL practice in promoting a positive climate and culture in adult-youth interactions.

· First six weeks of school - Responsive Classroom video library

· Responsive Classroom 3 Rs of Positive Language and Video Playlist.

· Responsive Classroom Interactive Modeling steps and Video Playlist

7. Polleverywhere: Use this free online tool to promote group interaction, reflection and check of understanding via polling, quizzes and other features.


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