Getting to Know PSELI

To foster a more positive learning experience for all our children, Partnerships for Social and Emotional Learning Initiative (PSELI) is helping adults and children build better social and emotional fitness. This multi-year initiative unites in-school and out-of-school time to support social and emotional skills.

PSELI is part of Birth to 22: United for Brighter Futures, a countywide effort to improve outcomes for young people. It supports skills such as how to manage emotions, achieve positive goals, show empathy, maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions.

Social and emotional skills go beyond the classroom. They’re needed on playgrounds, in lunchrooms, hallways and out-of-school settings. Out-of-school time activities also provide opportunities to practice skills like sharing, leadership, entering social situations and social inclusion. Children feel supported when the entire learning environment is safe and positive.

The School District of Palm Beach County and Prime Time Palm Beach County have partnered to focus on seven elementary schools and afterschool programs, creating a seamless learning experience spanning the school day. PSELI equips teachers, afterschool practitioners, administration and other staff to help children develop social and emotional skills – such as self-control, persistence, teamwork and goal-setting – all linked to success in school and in life. Through SEL training, coaching, collaboration and an
SEL curriculum, Palm Beach County is looking forward to:

• Increased social and emotional learning that lead to better youth outcomes.
• Improvements in relationship skills and soft skills.
• Stronger partnerships that optimize resources between in-school and out-of-school time providers.

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Knellee Bisram

SEL Specialist