Launch of Prime Time’s First Out-of-school Time Cohort Focused on Social and Emotional Learning

In October 2023, Prime Time launched the very first out-of-school time (OST) cohort focused on social and emotional learning, drawing on the lessons learned from the Partnerships for Social and Emotional Learning Initiative (PSELI). Learn about PSELI findings here

The four participating sites in the 2022-2023 yearlong cohort pilot are Adopt a Family, Greenacres Afterschool Program, Guatemalan Mayan Center South Grade Afterschool Program and Hope Centennial Afterschool Program. At the pre-launch SEL Leadership session in September, the cohort’s OST directors and key staff explored SEL best practice based on PSELI RAND findings, received peer mentoring from the Diamond View afterschool director based on his PSELI experiences in 7 to 7 SEL implementation and spent time planning their site goals for the year.   Approximately 25 OST staff members are currently participating in weekly professional development to build adult social emotional skills (Adult SEL Series) as a foundation to a positive climate and culture in afterschool. 

This cohort will also receive specialized SEL professional learning and coaching supports to explicitly teach social emotional skills to youth in afterschool through regular mindfulness-based SEL practice using the Inner Explorer Classroom application and other curricula tools within an Afternoon Meeting structure.  To stay connected to updates from the field about Prime Time’s SEL Initiative please follow us on social media using hashtags:

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