Adult SEL Continues Virtually

by Knellee Bisram, SEL Specialist, Prime Time Palm Beach County

Over the last couple weeks, in the second cohort of our virtual Adult SEL series, participants share their experiences in applying evidence-based mindfulness and positive psychology tools they learn to cultivate a habit of self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-care. Participants also receive coaching on how to build habits that last beyond the training series to sustain the benefits in their personal and professional lives.

When I did mindful movement exercise I noticed that the more you do it the “easier” it becomes to do. When I first completed the exercise I felt out of shape and weak. However, doing the practice the last two days it has been become more fluid and relaxing. I have also been trying to practice mindful awareness exercise at 9 a.m. before my cup of coffee and before helping my son with his virtual learning. In the mornings, I am able to fully complete the practice I notice that our day has a calmer start.
Meike E., Diamond View Elementary Afterschool Program

So I’ve had a lot on my mind, being stuck indoors causes a lot of thoughts to surface so in order for me to calm my nerves, I take deep calming breathes, refocus my attention on my body and center my thoughts. I started the mindful awareness exercise and it’s helping calm my anxiety. Also, I like to take long walks during the evening and doing my power pause while sitting in the grass, facing the sun 🙂
Rachel L, Forest Hill Elementary Afterschool Program

These exercises really help because it allows me see how much I need to take time to stop and relax. When I did the awareness exercise I noticed that there was a lot of tension in my back as a result of me sitting up most of the day. It felt soothing to just take time to focus on myself even for a few minutes and forget about the rest of the world.
Glory G, West Gate Elementary Afterschool Program