Thank You for Attending the PSELI Community of Practice

We hope this opportunity to come together allowed for the strengthening of PSELI, learning more about one another and the developing of structures and practices to support our work here in Palm Beach County. Thank you for your continued dedication!

Abeer Khalfa, Karen Arnold - Crosspointe Elementary

Abeer Khalfa, OST Director and Karen Arnold, SEL Lead – Crosspointe Elementary

Elaina Campbell, Denise Sasian - Lantana Elementary

Elaina Campbell, SEL Lead and Denise Sasian, OST Director – Lantana Elementary

Lori Seal, Victora Berardesco - Egret Lake Elementary

Lori Seal, OST Director and Victora Berardesco, SEL Lead – Egret Lake Elementary

Marie Gavino, Jennifer George - Forest Hill Elementary

Marie Gavino, OST Director and Jennifer George, SEL Lead – Forest Hill Elementary

Sharon Clark - Pahokee Youth Richment Academy

Sharon Clark, OST Director – Pahokee Youth Enrichment Academy