Prime Time's Research department has three main purposes:

  • Informing Prime Time's Quality Improvement Efforts - Prime Time conducts evaluations of all its services to inform continuous quality improvement efforts in order to ensure that we are providing Palm Beach County's afterschool community with top quality supports and services.
  • Informing Palm Beach County's Afterschool Community - Our Research team works with external evaluators and assessors to procure an unbiased perspective on afterschool providers' work. This information is shared with providers to assist them in their quality improvement efforts. Our team also collects data through surveys and other assessments in order to ensure we know what our primary client, the afterschool practitioner, needs. All of this data is used to help us access funding for additional resources to help strengthen our county's afterschool.
  • Sharing Information Nationwide - Prime Time is Palm Beach County's "go-to" afterschool organization to find information on best practices throughout the nation. We also ensure that our own lessons learned are shared locally and nationally through publications and presentations.

Prime Time's Impact

Consent Information

Prime Time or some of your other partners may wish to survey the children who participate in your programs to see if our services are making a difference to the youth you serve. As we all know, it is a best practice to keep parents informed and ask for their permission when necessary.

We have linked a sample consent form that you can use to share this information with parents and to give them the opportunity to opt-out of having their children participate in our surveys. Be sure to keep any forms that you receive on file!


SAMPLE Consent Form