Quality Improvement

The Palm Beach County Quality Standards for Afterschool were developed in partnership with the School District of Palm Beach County, Palm Beach State College, Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation, Family Central, local afterschool providers, and various funding agencies. The contributions of these diverse stakeholders helped to ensure that this system addresses the varying needs of all afterschool programs in Palm Beach County.

Prime Time worked closely with High/Scope Educational Research Foundation to develop a customized quality assessment tool based on their Youth Programs Quality Assessment (YPQA) to measure these standards. The Palm Beach County Program Quality Assessment (PBC-PQA) is a measurement tool for the county's quality improvement system for afterschool programs. As conveners of the Quality Improvement System (QIS), Prime Time's main focus is to highlight these standards and provide support to programs as they move through this system. The county-wide standards were developed and piloted in 2002 with 38 afterschool programs. As of January 2015, there are now 144 programs which had adopted the quality standards and are actively participating in Prime Time's formal Quality Improvement System.

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