QIS Incentives Program


Program DescriptioniMOTIVATE is a performance-based recognition program that awards financial incentives to afterschool programs that demonstrate an elevated commitment to championing program quality. This new Prime Time strategy is designed to further increase program quality within programs that participate in the Palm Beach County Quality Improvement System (QIS).

iMOTIVATE is built upon an assessment process through which a program demonstrates advanced implementation of youth development, staff development and program management practices. These practices are in concert and direct relationship with a program’s voluntary QIS work with Prime Time Palm Beach County.

Eligibility and Awards – Only QIS programs that have achieved “maintenance level” status are eligible. Programs that achieve a “maintenance level” status for the first time are eligible for a one-time $5,000 incentive award. For each subsequent year that a program retains eligibility, it will go through an evaluation process. The evaluation process will determine if the program is eligible for further financial incentive awards across three tiers. Tiered awards are determined using a scoring key and range from $4,000 – $13,000, pending future approval and continued availability of funding from the Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County.

Achieving Maintenance – A program achieves a “maintenance level” status once the following have been completed:

1) achieve an overall score of 4.1 or higher on the PBC-PQA Form A for two consecutive assessment cycles,

2) independently draft and submit a satisfactory quality improvement plan (IP) within 90 days of assessment,

3) independently draft and submit quarterly (or more frequent) progress checks that clearly document improvement plan progress and efforts made on goals and goal steps,

4) independently conduct and document quarterly (or more frequent) the observation-reflection process at a satisfactory level,

5) independently conduct and document quarterly (or more frequent) staff meeting conversations that discuss QIS progress, challenges, barriers and solutions.

Scoring Key – The items below and how programs implement them are included within the tiered awards evaluation process.

1. Lesson plan quality

2. Lesson plan quantity

3. Self-assessment training

4. PBC practitioner core competencies

5. Coaching techniques

6. PBC-PQA Form A scores

7. Improvement planning

8. Progress checks

9. Staff meetings

If you have questions regarding iMOTIVATE, please contact Patrick A. Freeland at (561)732-8066.

Funding is provided by the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County (CSC), based upon availability of funds.