Palm Beach County Quality Improvement System

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In 2007, Prime Time launched the Palm Beach County Quality Improvement System (QIS) as a multi-level system to improve the quality of afterschool programs throughout Palm Beach County.  Based on the Palm Beach County Quality Standards for Afterschool, the QIS uses the Palm Beach County Program Quality Assessment (PBC-PQA) tool; one-on-one consultation and technical assistance; and specialized trainings to help programs effectively develop and deliver high-quality out-of-school time (OST) experiences for children, youth and their families.  Prime Time’s quality advisors work on-site with OST providers to assess program needs and develop multi-year plans for improvement.  They also provide recommendations for quality-improvement planning based on external assessments and provide in-house self-assessment trainings with coaching. 

Administrative and program staff are provided with guidance to identify and implement opportunities to improve quality for children and youth and also to tap a young persons’ motivation to attend and engage in programs. Consistent participation in quality OST programs has shown to increase self-esteem and self-efficiency in children and youth as well as increase positive social behaviors in school. Participation in the QIS not only provides programs with a unique opportunity to elevate their program quality but it also offers key benefits.

How do you become a part of the QIS?

Eligibility for participation in the QIS is dependent on the following afterschool characteristics: program readiness, motivation, and basic afterschool requirements. Basic requirements include:

  • Dedicated program staff
  • ¬ĄDedicated program space
  • A current Health Department License (unless exempt), with no Class I violations within the preceding 24 months
  • 20 or more youth in daily attendance

Programs interested in participating in the QIS will need to submit a QIS Interest Form, located on our website. Once Prime Time receives the interest form, a site will be contacted by a Prime Time representative who will schedule a program site visit(s).

Applications will then be reviewed. Entry into the QIS can happen twice a year (fall and spring), based on capacity.

Once a program has received a letter of acceptance from the director of quality improvement, programs will be required to attend an orientation meeting at the start of the QIS cycle (right), have all staff registered with the Prime Time OST Registry and complete a Memorandum of Agreement to be an official participating QIS program.