For ELO Providers

Criteria for Selecting Expanded Learning Opportunity Providers

Prime Time will issue a request for proposals (RFP) through a formal procurement process, on a five-year cycle, to solicit proposals for providing ELOs in Palm Beach County. The process will allow for the review of existing Providers’ services and the opportunity for new Providers to propose other services. The RFP procedure is outlined below. However, Prime Time reserves the right to alter the procedure or service categories to address changing programmatic needs or priorities. The solicitation for proposals for ELO Providers will be released to the public via newspaper advertisements (print and online) and on the Prime Time website. Print copies will also be available for pick-up at the Prime Time main office. The RFP will seek services in the following four broad categories to supplement existing out-of-school time programming (i.e., afterschool, summer, school breaks, etc.):


The RFP document will contain, at a minimum, a description of the scope of services for which the RFP pertains; all administrative requirements; the targeted geographic areas to be served; and the programmatic requirements and expected minimum deliverables. It will include a complete description of the proposal process including, but not limited to, instructions for submission, limitations on contacting Prime Time personnel, acceptance of proposals, and criteria for proposer disqualification. The RFP will also include all relevant forms and instructions, a list of frequently asked questions and answers, and a description of the proposal review and selection process.

The Director of Community Partnerships and the Controller will facilitate an ELO Provider RFP Bidders Workshop for interested Providers, within two weeks after the RFP is posted, to answer any questions regarding the RFP. All questions and answers regarding the RFP posed at the workshop and via email throughout the process will be posted on the Prime Time website so that all proposers have access to all responses.

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