Why Prime Time?

The hours between the time that children get out of school and the time that working parents come home is considered "prime time" for continuous learning and growth or risky behaviors. This critical window of time after school presents not only challenges but also opportunities to impact youth development. Recognizing that the majority of violence, drug and alcohol use, and sexual experimentation among young people occur during these afterschool hours, educators realize the value of quality, accessible afterschool programming. Thus in 1996, key stakeholders in Palm Beach County, Florida, convened to share resources to improve the quality of local afterschool and summer programs. Four years later, in 2000, the group formed a separate non-profit organization, Prime Time Palm Beach County, Inc. The organization was -- and still is -- dedicated to ensuring that afterschool programs are of the highest quality so as to keep youth engaged in learning, and on track for academic success and healthy social development.

Prime Time serves afterschool programs throughout Palm Beach County. Specifically, Prime Time serves more than 250 individual afterschool programs and approximately 3,000 practitioners, ultimately impacting some 20,000 local youth each year.

Some of our accomplishments so far:

  • Convened school-age afterschool stakeholders to establish quality standards for Palm Beach County afterschool programs.

  • Launched and administer a quality improvement program for afterschool providers in Palm Beach County.

  • Advocated for the Advancing Youth Development curriculum to be available to
    school-age providers as part of the 40-hour childcare requirement for licensing.

  • Engaged more than 20,000 children and youth in our program enhancements.

  • Since 2007 Prime Time has awarded more than 1500 scholarships to afterschool professional staff for college course work, professional credentialing and to attend conferences.

  • Provided access to more than 3,500 pieces of equipment though the Prime Time Lending Center to support program enhancements.